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Our renovations at 51 Broad Street are progressing rapidly and staff has moved in!

This has been and continues to be a huge undertaking. The building is beautiful inside and out, and our planning includes having our land-and hard-scaping be equally picturesque.


YOU can be a part of our project!


Legacy Lane will lead up to the front of our building. The Lane will be built from bricks inscribed with YOUR message…to honor someone, commemorate an event, show your support, or to just ‘be there’ for present and future visitors to see. The bricks will be incorporated into the path that leads from Broad Street up to our beautiful new Main Entrance.


Legacy Lane bricks will be 4” x 8” and will have room for up to three lines of text. 

* Our form allows for purchasing up to two bricks per order.  Additional bricks will require a separate order.

Cost per brick - $100.


Legacy Landscape will be the foundation plantings surrounding our newly renovated Main Office. Once our landscaping design is finalized, we will be offering sponsorships for the various trees and shrubs that will be planted.


Sponsorship includes the plant of your choice and a commemorative plaque to be placed at its base.

Purchase a plant - $50.


We are anticipating that full installation of Legacy Lane and Landscape will be completed by May of 2021….just in time for Community Action Month and the 55th anniversary of Wayne County Action Program!

We could not be doing this aspect of our project without the help of Lyons own Blades and Spades Landscaping.


THANK YOU to Blades and Spades for their help!

* To pay by Check, please use the printable order forms:

LL Brick Order Form     LL Plant Order Form


Use the online order form below.

No PayPal account?  No worries!  Choose to pay as guest to pay with credit card.

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