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Weatherization Assistance Program!

This month’s SPOTLIGHT is… Weatherization Assistance Program!

What is your name and title?  Are there any other key staff you want to include?

Lauren Lapp- Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Director for Finger Lakes Community Action. Without naming each individual team member of WAP, I can say that they all play a big part in what we do. This team truly pours their hearts into what we do, day in and day out, from our office staff to our crew members. It would truly be impossible to serve the counties without their hard work.


What is the name of your program?

Weatherization Assistance Program.

What counties does your program serve?

We serve Wayne, Ontario, and Cayuga counties.

What is the purpose of your program?

WAP is designed to help lift the burden of energy cost for low-income families. By performing energy-based measures we help reduce the future cost of energy bills for homeowners as well as taking care of any health & safety measures we can inside the home. Low-income housing units often lack energy-efficient appliances, insulation, and other features that can help reduce utility costs. In many cases, older and poorly maintained buildings result in higher energy consumption, leading to higher bills for residents. Low-income households generally have limited financial resources, which means that even relatively modest utility bills can represent a significant portion of their income. These costs can sometimes exceed the recommended 30% of income dedicated to housing expenses, causing financial stress.

Why is your program important?

WAP is important as it helps those in the community that need it the most. We aren’t only helping people with energy cost burdens, but we are also helping them live in healthier, and safer homes. There are lots of different opportunities and ways to help people, and the weatherization program does just that at no cost to the clients. This program is completely free to anyone that is eligible.

What is the primary funding source for your program?

Our grant funds come from the Department of Energy and are distributed and managed through DHCR. (Division of Housing and Community Renewal)


What does your program DO?

Insulation to walls, attics, and floors. Air sealing that reduces drafts and air leakage. Heating appliance analysis, distribution repair, and replacement of heating appliances. Installation of electric and water saving fixtures. Replacement of exterior windows and doors. Limited health and safety measures and repairs. ASHRAE compliant whole house ventilation. These measures are based off an energy audit that is completed on the home. Those results are submitted through a database into a Saving to Investment Ratio Analysis. Dependent on the results not all these measures are guaranteed for each client.

Who are the beneficiaries of your program?

The beneficiaries of this program are the people located across the three counties we serve. This program can benefit single family homes as well as multifamily buildings. Although it may be a different process, we can offer help to rentals with landlord approval.

Final Comments:

Through the many years that the Weatherization Assistance Program has been around it has helped change the lives of so many. The people in these communities now have the opportunity to live healthier and safer lives and are able to stay warm in the colder months.


So…how can YOU help???

By encouraging anyone who may be struggling with energy costs to contact our Weatherization Assistance Program so we can begin the process to help them. Contact me at: or (315) 333-4155 x 3101

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