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The Success Center

This month’s SPOTLIGHT is…The Success Center!!!
Shannon Brown, Program Director


What counties does your program serve?
The Success Center is located in Sodus but provides services for individuals 
throughout the Finger Lakes region.

What is the purpose of your program?
The purpose of the Success Center is to safely shelter the homeless over the age of 18. We are a co-ed, Veteran approved facility. Our main purpose is to provide services for all in need to live a sustainable life on the other side of homelessness.


Why is your program important?
This program is really a necessity in today’s world. We are the only program in Wayne County to offer this type of housing. It truly helps communities avoid more issues as people are not living on the streets. They are being offered a chance to improve all they know. Our success rate is extremely high. This is not
a handout, it’s a hand up.


What is the primary funding source for your program?
We are funded by multiple sources: HUD, Community Services Block Grant, and the VA Administration


What are other funding sources if any?
There is a rental and food charge to stay in the House. This is either a self-pay (if the participant is working) or through public assistance provided by the Department of Social Services.


What does your program DO?
The Success Center offers internal and external resources for our residents to get back up and running. We start from the basics of obtaining a photo ID right through helping people finish their education. We are not limited in our efforts to achieve success.


Who are the beneficiaries of your program?
In our case, we have a 12-bed home. The people living here have families that eventually benefit from having their loved ones back from a bad situation. Some people just need a fresh start and lack the skill set to get there. Once they realize they can, they do!

Final Comments from Shannon:
There is no face to homelessness, it can happen to anyone at any time. It only takes one major life-changing incident. The stigma attached to homelessness needs to change. Not everyone wants something for nothing. There are good people that work hard every day to get to the other side. It is our job to educate communities on programming that really makes a difference, and how it impacts where they live.


So…how can YOU help??? Financial donations to the Success Center, blankets, linens, toiletries, luggage, housewares…things YOU would need to re-start your home should you lose it! For more specific information contact Shannon at (315) 333-4155 x or email her at

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