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Older Adults Safe and Sound (OASAS)

This month’s SPOTLIGHT is…Older Adults Safe and Sound (OASAS)!!!
Pamela Precourt, Director of Housing Modifications. Our full team is pictured above.

What counties does your program serve?

We serve seniors in Wayne, Ontario, and Cayuga counties.

What is the purpose of your program?

Our program enables eligible clients to remain in their homes. An Occupational Therapist completes an assessment of the home with the homeowners, and makes recommendations for modifications to improve safety and reduce the risk of falls.

Why is your program important?

The changes are beneficial to the client by reducing the risk of falling, improving general safety, increasing accessibility, and improving functional abilities. This helps the client maintain independence and remain in their homes longer.

What is the primary funding source for your program?
Our funding is through HUD’s office of Healthy Homes and Hazard Control.

What are other funding sources if any?
There are no other funding sources needed for this program.

What does your program DO?

OASAS seeks to make home modifications to low-income elderly homeowners. We enable clients to remain in their homes through home modifications requested through assessment with a licensed OT.

Who are the beneficiaries of your program?

Our program benefits clients 62+, income eligible, and owns their own home. Our goal is to assist a minimum of 150 homeowners.

Final Comments from Pam:

We are always building our wait list; any questions please reach out to or call us at 315-333-4155 ext. 3209.


So…how can YOU help???

Do you know someone, or are YOU someone who would benefit from this program? CALL/EMAIL TODAY!

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