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Here are our results from our annual Community Needs Assessment. Please feel free to check out our findings below:

WCAP Cares

We know, we know. The feedback pop-ups on every page aren't everyone's favorite thing about our website. Please just hear us out:

We have them because we love to hear your thoughts. Of course, if it's a bad experience, we aren't necessarily throwing a party. But if it's good, that gives us a little bit of a reason to get the hats and streamers out. We want our people to see first hand what kind of difference they're making each and every day. Because sometimes, that's what motivates us and propels as a community forward.

This button below is where you can find our *official* policy on Customer Care. Take a peek!



Have some Q's about where we stand on Diversity in our agency and the community around us? Well, we have A's.

Click below to see our official statement.

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