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Advocacy for Community Empowerment (ACE)

Advocacy for Community Empowerment (ACE)

Director: Emmalea Burnell // 315.333.4155 x-3301
Administrator:  Lori Lancaster // 315.333.4155 x-3110

The Wayne CAP ACE program provides community and in-home parent education/supportive services that are confidential, safe, and non-judgmental. Workshops for all stages of parenting are voluntary and can be accessed throughout Wayne County for Parents/Caregivers that wish to expand their skill basis. This program also reaches incarcerated parents by hosting a variety of workshops in the Wayne County Jail.

Assisting Children Through Transition (A.C.T.) Classes


To register or find more information, please call 315-333-4155 X 3301.
Confidential Registration

Advocacy for Community Empowerment is now offering CORE: Empowerment Peer Support Services to Adult 21+ that reside in Wayne County. CORE service members require HARP (Health and Recovery Plan) eligibles with Medicaid and Medicare Health Insurance.
If you know of someone with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis that is looking for individualized support to help develop their own goals, create strategies for self-empowerment, demonstrate that recovery is possible and assist them in their recovery to help them get back to feeling them again. They can contact a peer provider through Finger Lakes Community Action to see if they qualify.


FREE 1:1 service to individuals who receive Medicaid & Medicare Health insurance.

(Peer support provider compliments behavioral and mental health professionals)

  • Peers are NOT counselors, Therapist, and Licensed Practitioners

  • Self-refer, Managed Care Organization, Health Home Care Manager, Inpatient and outpatient clinicians, Primary Care Provider

  • Must have mental health and/or substance abuse.

  • *Safe and Confidential location

  • Offered in person and/or telehealth.

  • Weekly sessions (varies on individual needs)

  • Sessions can last up to 4 hours max.


Peer Support Specialists are dedicated to delivering a service with acceptance, understanding and validation.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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