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Wayne County Clerk


Who's  Mike?

Known around Wayne County as a constant professional and one-heck-of-a-guy, we chose to honor Mike for one simple fact: he deserves it.

Residing in Palmyra NY, Mike has been on our board of directors since 2008, and served as Treasurer since 2010. He's also served on the RGRTA Newark Wayne Hospital, WC United Way and WC Corporate Zone Boards. 

Mike has done some amazing things for Wayne County, in and out of his job responsibilities as County Clerk. We are so lucky to have him working in our corner and were so excited to honor him on November 2nd.

E M C E E 

Barry Virts

Wayne County Sheriff and a true showman at these things, we were honored to have Barry as our host again this year!

L O C A T I O N 

Young Sommer


Young Sommer Winery specializes in award winning Hard Cider, Grape and Fruit wines that truly embody the unique climate that clings to the Lake Ontario Shoreline.

4287 Jersey Road, Williamson, NY


2019 Annual Gala

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