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Pinwheels for Prevention ®

We are proud to be able to host Pinwheels for Prevention through our Healthy Families program.

Children are the foundation of a sustainable and productive society. All children have the right to safe, secure, and supportive environments. We all have a part to play in creating stronger families and in turn, stronger communities. Simple actions can make a big difference in the live of children, strengthen families and prevent child abuse.

How Can You Get Involved?

* Pick up FREE PINWHEELS at our Healthy Families office at 28 Canal Street in Lyons;

* Take a picture of YOUR FAMILY dressed in BLUE holding their pinwheels:

* Display your pinwheels OUTSIDE so everyone can see your support!

* Plant a Pinwheel Garden in your yard!

* THEN, TAKE PICTURES and send them to

  or text them to 315-907-2905

* WITH YOUR PERMISSION your pictures will be posted on this page.

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