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Press Release

The application period for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program’s Phase 39 and Phase ARPA-R has closed as of 12:00 p.m. on 10/27/2022.  In FY 2022, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded to the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFSP) $130 million in annual funding, which is Phase 40 of the program. As processes are completed and materials are finalized, Wayne County’s Local Board will share updates here. Please continue to check back for the most recent program information.

Our Programs

We'd love for you to get to know us.

Active People Healthy Wayne (APHW)

Director: Alyssa Johnson // 315.333.4155 x 3313

Coordinator: Melissa Kersten // 315.333.4155 x 3207

Administrator:  Ryan Robbins // 315.333.4155

APHW is a new program at Finger Lakes Community Action funded by the New York State Department of Health grant, Creating Healthy Schools and Communities.  The goal of this funding is to establish and support sustainable healthy communities as places where it is easier to practice healthy behaviors.


Program staff are working within high-need communities, engaging a variety of partners and decision-makers, and developing comprehensive implementation plans in the Townships of: Sodus, Wolcott, Palmyra, Arcadia, Lyons, Galen, Savannah, Rose, and Butler.


Grant goals include:

  1. increase the availability and access to healthy foods, and to

  2. increase the availability and access to locally sourced foods.




2023 Partnerships:


If you are interested in learning more about funding opportunities to support your community within one of the above-named municipalities or school districts, please contact us at:,315.333.4155 ext. 3113

28 Canal Street, Lyons, NY 14489

Healthy Families Wayne County

Director: Kyra Yon // 315.907.2991
Administrator: Stacey DeGroff // 315.333.4155

A child’s first relationships and earliest experiences establish the foundation for health and well-being throughout life.

"Healthy Families works because we pay attention to each family's story and shape our work around their interests, questions, concerns, and cultural expectations and norms. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting families, so our focus on the relationship between the parent/caregiver and child means that we approach each family in a uniquely supportive way." -Lynn Kosanovich, Healthy Families America master trainer


Healthy Families focus on parent/child interaction and bonding. We are open to first-time parents as well as parents with multiple children, who are pregnant and/or have at least one child less than three months of age.

Enrolling now!  Please see our flyer!

Twins 1-2_edited.jpg

Housing Efficiency

Energy Reduction Services 

Director: Scott VanLare // 315.333.4155

Administrator: Ryan Robbins // 315.333.4155

Our Goal is to help qualified families manage energy costs by reducing residential household energy usage. Energy Reduction Services offer a comprehensive whole house approach for qualified clients to save energy. Starting with a complete assessment of the home, staff assesses health and safety concerns in addition to evaluating any upgrades which could increase energy efficiency. Staff will gauge the air leakage rates, insulation levels in the home and calculate the major appliances for usage from the refrigerator all the way down to light bulbs. Our program is  FREE to home owners and renters so please contact us at, 315-333-4155 with any questions or to get start the application.

Head Start / Early Head Start

ECE Director: Stephanie DeBoerdere // 315.333.4155
Assistant Administrator:  Colleen Peno // 315.333.4155
Administrator: Stacey DeGroff // 315.333.4155

Head Start / Early Head Start is a federally funded program that provides comprehensive services to pregnant women, infants, toddlers, preschool children and their families.  Services are provided in the areas of: education, health, nutrition, family services, parent involvement and mental health.  The program philosophy recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. We welcome and encourage parent involvement in all program functions and work as partners with the family. Special efforts are made to provide services for children with special needs.

Kindergarten Guide

National & Community Services

Finger Lakes Living Healthy AmeriCorps Seniors
Senior Companion Program Director:
Rob Weaver // 315.333.4155 x-3318 

Foster Grandparent Director:
Gregory Peck // 315.333.4155 x-3316
Retired Senior Volunteer Program Manager:
Debby Trickey // 315.333.4155 x-3317

Administrator: Lori Lancaster // 315.333.4155 x 3110

We are PROUD to be the hub for Finger Lakes National Service opportunities. When you enroll in any of these programs you are directly impacting local issues in your communities and become part of a nationwide campaign.

Finger Lakes Living Healthy AmeriCorps members serve in sites throughout Wayne, Ontario and Seneca counties in a wide variety of settings to promote health and healthy living!

Members receive a Living Allowance while in service and an Education Award upon completion of their pre-determined term. Recruiting now! Please see our flyer.

The AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program is looking for dedicated volunteers ages 55 and over who are invested in children throughout Wayne, Ontario, Seneca, Yates and Livingston counties. While serving in local schools and Head Start Programs a senior can be impactful in helping children achieve academic success and socio-emotional growth. Volunteers are paid a stipend of $4.00 an hour that is not taxable as well as mileage reimbursement. Additionally, we offer paid leave and sick time. Please contact Gregory Peck at 315-333-4155 ext 3316 to get involved.





Become a Lifestyle Coach!

Bringing        to the Finger Lakes!

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program is looking for older adults ages 55 and older who like to share their time and talents with others in the community. Our program provides free transportation to medically related appointments, free tax preparation and free wellness classes to older adults in Wayne, Seneca, and Ontario Counties. For more information, contact Debby Trickey, RSVP Manager at 315-333-4155 ext. 3317 or

Family Visit

Advocacy for Community Empowerment (ACE)

Director: Emmalea Burnell // 315.333.4155 x-3301
Administrator:  Lori Lancaster // 315.333.4155 x-3110

The Wayne CAP ACE program provides community and in-home parent education/supportive services that are confidential, safe, and non-judgmental. Workshops for all stages of parenting are voluntary and can be accessed throughout Wayne County for Parents/Caregivers that wish to expand their skill basis. This program also reaches incarcerated parents by hosting a variety of workshops in the Wayne County Jail.

Assisting Children Through Transition (A.C.T.) Classes


To register or find more information, please call 315-333-4155 X 3301.
Confidential Registration

Advocacy for Community Empowerment is now offering CORE: Empowerment Peer Support Services to Adult 21+ that reside in Wayne County. CORE service members require HARP (Health and Recovery Plan) eligibles with Medicaid and Medicare Health Insurance.
If you know of someone with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis that is looking for individualized support to help develop their own goals, create strategies for self-empowerment, demonstrate that recovery is possible and assist them in their recovery to help them get back to feeling them again. They can contact a peer provider through Finger Lakes Community Action to see if they qualify.


FREE 1:1 service to individuals who receive Medicaid & Medicare Health insurance.

(Peer support provider compliments behavioral and mental health professionals)

  • Peers are NOT counselors, Therapist, and Licensed Practitioners

  • Self-refer, Managed Care Organization, Health Home Care Manager, Inpatient and outpatient clinicians, Primary Care Provider

  • Must have mental health and/or substance abuse.

  • *Safe and Confidential location

  • Offered in person and/or telehealth.

  • Weekly sessions (varies on individual needs)

  • Sessions can last up to 4 hours max.


Peer Support Specialists are dedicated to delivering a service with acceptance, understanding and validation.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Success Center

Success Center Emergency Services provides supports for clients in Wayne County through Advocacy; Emergency Food Pantry; Clothing Closet; SSI/SSDI assistance and case management services.


Success Center Second Chances program provides support for homeless adults (age 18+).  For the duration of their stay, residents are provided with individualized clinical and case management services to support their goals of becoming self-sufficient.

Community Service

Housing Efficiency


Director: Lauren Lapp // 315.333.4155

Administrator: Ryan Robbins // 315.333.4155

The Weatherization Assistance Program is grant funded by The US Department of Energy (DOE) and The New York State Department of Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) to deliver energy reduction services to program eligible homeowners and renters in Wayne, Ontario, and Cayuga Counties. Our mission is to assist Wayne, Ontario and Cayuga County residents, families with young children, seniors, and those with disabilities to make their homes safer & more energy efficient. All of the work performed on an eligible dwelling is FREE to the home owner or renter as long as they meet all of the eligibility and ownership/rental requirements of the program as set forth by USDOE & NYSHCR.

Older Adults Safe And Sound

Home Modification Program (OASAS)

Director: Pam Precourt // (315) 333-4155 x 3206

Program Coordinator: Wanda Felix // (315) 333-4155

The OASAS Program is a grant funded program designed to provide low-income senior citizens with low barrier, high impact home modifications that will allow their homes to be a safe space to age in place.  By providing temporary ramps, shower grab bars, comfort height toilets, fixing uneven floor repairs, and much more, seniors can feel safer and more independent in their homes.  This is a free service to those who meet eligibility requirements.


Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly Home Modification Program  (RESTORE)

Director: Pam Precourt // (315) 333-4155 x 3206

Program Coordinator: Amy Sanzotta // (315) 333-4155

The RESTORE program, Residential Emergency Services to Offer (Home) Repairs to the Elderly, is an assistance program for low-income, elderly homeowners in Wayne, Cayuga, and Ontario counties. This program was designed to eliminate unsafe conditions in the home where the homeowner cannot afford the cost of emergency repairs within a reasonable period, as determined by FLCA.

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